KETOTOP Pain relief Plaster Advanced TDDS Technology 5 Boxes 170 Patches

Item: KETOTOP Pain relief Plaster Advanced TDDS Technology

Include: 5 Boxes=170 Patches

Manufacturer: HANDOK Inc. Korea South, since 1954

LicenseAMORE PACIFIC Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Korea South

1994∼Present: Trusted for over 25+ Years of pain relief

Expiration date: Dec, 2021 or more (which life is less than 24 months. )

Manual: Korean

Shipping: Standard Mail (Tracking number, Insured)

Ingredient content: Ketoprofen 30mg / Patch, 12 Hours Effect

Size: 68 x 103mm (2.8″ x 4.05″)

ketotop 5 boxes ( 170 Patches ) with Srandard Shipping with Tracking Number

New ketotop 5 boxes ( 170 Patches ) with Srandard Shipping with Tracking Number



Clean and dry affected area, Remove the detaching layer

Apply one sheet of this product over the affected part Two times a day.

Effects and Benefits:

Osteoarthritis, Periarthritis, Humeroscapularis, Peritendinitis, Muscular pain,

swelling from trauma,

muscle fatigue, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, simple backache, bruises

sprains, strains, arthritis, Sprains, Arthritis, Backache, Neck Pain,

Wrist Pain, Omarthritis, Knee pain, Waist pain, Muscle pain

Ideal antiinflammatory analgesics


Sustaining the drug concentration in the target tissue

Minimized GI Trouble, adverse effects and accumulation

Available for the real dysfunction

Good compliance

Advantage of TDDS(Transdermal Drug Delivery System) Plaster

the active pharmaceutical ingredients permeate the skin. They then pass through the stratum corneum, go into the epidermis, penetrate into the dermis, and finally are absorbed into peripheral capillary vessels to be distributed into the rest of the body.

Bypass hepatic ‘first pass’ and GI incompatibility

Reducing side effects due to the optimization of the blood concentration-time profile

Providing predictable and extended duration of activity

Greater patient compliance due to the elimination of multiple dosing schedules

Enhancing therapeutic efficacy

Self administration

Reversibility of drug delivery

・It can maintain an adequate concentration in the blood for a long time.

・It can avoid the first-pass effect in the liver.

・It can reduce systemic adverse reactions such as gastrointestinal tract disorders.

・It can be applied to infants, elderly people, and patients suffering from dysphagia.

・It can be discontinued easily by peeling off the patch if adverse reactions occur.

Short half-life : Rapid Absorption, No accumulation

low molecular weight: Good penetration through the skin

Able to use the low dosage

High potency: Strong effects as analgesics and antiinflammatory agents

※ Warning:

Do not use when pregnant.

Do not use while breast feeding.

Do not use this product to eyes or mucous membrane.

Administration of this product to damaged skin, mucous membrane, eczema, or eruption may result in temporary irritation or numbing.

Do not use this product for treatment of athlete’s foot or tinea.

Do not use this product in the occlusive dressing manner.

※ Indications:

This product is indicated as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent for the following diseases or symptoms: degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis), periarthritis of ulder, tendinitis, tendovaginitis, peritendinitis, external humeral epicondylitis (tennis elbow etc.), myalgia, and inflammation and pain after trauma. adhesive material on a lint cloth and sealing it with a detaching layer.

※ Usage:

Remove the detaching layer and apply one sheet of this product over the affected part two times a day.

※ Precautions:

1.This product should not be administered to the following patients.

Patients who ever showed hypersensitivity to this product or any ingredient of this product.

Patients with aspirin asthma (asthmatic attack by non-steroidal analgesic or anti-inflammatory drug) or the history of the disease. (They may have asthmatic attack.)