Zelcom Tab. Anthelmintic 500mg 4 Tablets (4Boxes) Standard Shipping

Item: Zelcom 4 Tablets Flubendazole 500mg Anthelmintic Dewormer

Include: Zelcom 4 Boxes (1 tablets / Box) Total 4 Tablets
Manufacturer: ChongKun Dang Pharm, Korea(south)
1989∼Present: Trusted for over 30+ Years of safe deworming
Expiry: July/2024 or More
Manual: Korean
Shipping: Standard Mail (Tracking number, Insured), within 3 days after your payment

Zelcom 4 Boxes (1 tablets / Box) Total 4 Tablets

Zelcom 4 Boxes (1 tablets / Box) Total 4 Tablets from South Korea to your home


Being vegetarian and eating greens and salads out is always a risk, it‘s hard to be 100% sure all you eat is absolutely safe, so take it twice a year to guarantee your body is free from unwanted organism!

Zelcom Tablet are indicated for the treatment of common worms, specifically deworming.
It is designed to successfully clear threadworms, pinworms, roundworms, whipworms,
tapeworms and hookworms from the gut and other tissues. It is thought to kill these worms
by causing them to starve. The eggs, larvae and adult worms are affected.
Zelcom can kill the difficult-to-treat whipworm. not all deworming medicines can do
this. Zelcom can also kill all the other common worms. This means you do not have to take
more than one type of deworming medicine to treat your worm infection.
Zelcom kills both the larvae and the adult worm. Other deworming medicines only kill
adult worms. If you use other deworming medicines, you have to take medicine again
when the unkilled larvae mature into adult worms. With Zelcom, you do not have to.
Zelcom has been successfully used on more than 5 million patients worldwide.
Zelcom can be taken anytime of the day. No special fasting or purging procedure is required.

This medication is a vermifuge, active on a large number of parasitic worms of the intestine.
It is used to remove pinworms, roundworms, whipworms and hookworms .

Flubendazole 500mg per Tablet

This medication should not be used during pregnancy .

Pregnancy :
Due to malformations observed during use in an animal species,
this medication is contraindicated in pregnant women or likely to be.

Breastfeeding :
The data currently available do not indicate whether this drug passes into breast milk.

The tablets can be taken with a little water or crunched during meals.

Usual dosage:
Adult and child:
in the case of pinworms: 1 tablet in a single dose, to be renewed 15 days later to
avoid reinfestation by the eggs which are not destroyed by the medicine;
for other parasites: 1 tablet , morning and evening, for 3 days.

The pinworms are transmitted by the hands, to avoid reinfestation, it is recommended:
to wash their hands and brush their nails several times a day,
to cut very short the nails of the children,
to treat all family members at the same time because it is common that the infestation gives no symptoms . To avoid infestation by roundworms, wash fruits and vegetables.

Rarely: digestive disorders , especially abdominal pain, nausea or diarrhea.

Do not take ZELCOM tablets:
if you are allergic to flubendazole or to any of the other ingredients of
this medication.

The use of this medication is not recommended in patients with fructose intolerance,
glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome or sucrase / isomaltase deficiency
(rare hereditary diseases).
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking ZELCOM tablets.

The use of ZELCOM should be considered in some patients, especially young children
who are not able to swallow the tablet at 500 mg.
Do not use in children under one year of age without medical advice.

ZELCOM, tablet with food and drink

Pregnancy and breast feeding

For caution, unless your doctor has advised otherwise, it is best to avoid taking flubendazole
during pregnancy or lactation.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, think you may be pregnant or plan a pregnancy,
ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine.


Worm infestation is very common health problem. Parasitic worms like round worm, pin worm, hook worm etc spread to humans through untidy hands, unhygienic practices and poor sanitation facilities.

For instance, a simple lick from your pet, a barefoot walk on your lawn, a swim in a reservoir or a pool with untreated water or negligence on your part to wash hands thoroughly before eating or preparing food after gardening or unwashed salad or untreated drinking water or milk or fluids or under cooked meat or school going children in your family can bring the eggs from these parasites.

These small worms are barely visible to the naked eye, but the discomfort level and illnesses caused are varied in intensity and seriousness. An untreated worm infestation can even result in the host’s death.

Hundreds of millions of children worldwide are infected with parasitic worms. Remember that these worms are detrimental to your child’s health, their cognitive development, their education and a brighter future.

Chronic illness caused by worm infections reduces literacy and thus adult productivity thereby impacting on the economic development of low and middle income countries. Deworming is a process which helps get rid of worms that enter the human body.

We provide you with a list of seven facts that you need to know about the all-pervading worm infestation and getting rid of it via deworming:

Not only children but adults too are prone to worm infestations

Children above two years of age should be put under a regular routine of deworming to maintain good health Worms enter the body due to lack of hygiene

The most common infestation are caused by the round worm, tape worm and hook worms Lack of appetite, tiredness, anaemia, loose bowels, vomiting is all some common symptoms of worm infestation

Deworming every four to six months is the suggested frequency


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