chamsori gramophone & Edison science museum, Korea

Charmsori Gramophone & Edison Science Museum founded by Son Seongmok is the largest gramophone museum in the world. It has a collection of 4,500 phonographs, 150,000 phonograph records, 1,000 books, and 5,000 items from 20 nations.
1) World of Sound: The place for history of Sound. It displays gothic and renaissance organs, music boxes, radios and record players.
2) World of Image: The place for silent films and biography films of masterminds and Edison. It displays Edison projectors and televisions, especially one made by Baird, John Logie (1888.8.13 ~ 1946.6.14) in 1925.
3) World of Light: Displays items from Gas lamps to the original light bulb that Edison made, an electric generator of those days, the bamboo filament light bulb and the first wall-attached electric lamp. The wall-attached electric lamp is the part of the collection that was successfully accepted at Sotheby’s auction in 1992.
4) Edison Invention Hall: Displays 850 inventions of Edison’s, including t three of his greatest inventions – phonographs, light bulbs and projectors. Also on display are autographed letters and articles used by Edison.
5) EDISON & H.FORD Hall : The battery car invented by Edison, “T” car by Ford, Henry and Grants Ham by HMV, phonograph company in England can be found here.